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Otto Verhage

Hanneke has meant a lot to me over the years across very different settings. Our relationship started 8 years ago when I was looking to better understand and deal with life’s challenges. Hanneke truly opened my eyes in just a few sessions – the impact was profound and led to important and life changing choices. We met again in her Leadership Development program at Bain & Company, where she helped me and my peers navigate on the path to partner. In this program, she creates an environment in which we learn to trust ourselves, each other, and lead authentically. After I decided to leave Bain and become an entrepreneur, I asked Hanneke to become an angel investor in TestGorilla. In this capacity, she supported my co-founder and me in defining our personal and company values, which we believe are critical to our success to date. 

Hanneke’s genuine interest, dedication and exceptional interpersonal skills make her a truly outstanding executive coach.