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Dion Coumans

I got to know Hanneke 7 years ago when I was a senior manager taking part in the first tailormade Personal Leadership Program she designed and facilitated for our leading consultancy firm Gupta Strategists. What a gift to experience this journey of personal and professional reflection and growth with Hanneke! 

The nine month program helps grow on a personal level and stimulates bonding. It inspires, empowers and creates deep connection. Hanneke creates an open and warm atmosphere to share and learn beyond the surface. She is a great listener and radiates trust. Her sharp observations, authenticity and genuine interest has helped me to continue to grow to date. 

Meanwhile, I am the responsible partner for learning and development within our firm, and co-created two follow-up programs with her. Currently, the third cohort has entered the Gupta Leadership Program. Last year our partner team also completed a journey with Hanneke.

We highly value Hanneke’s work, and continue to work with her as a top-level coach and facilitator.