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Daniel de Swaan

We were introduced to Hanneke via a personal business friend in 2017 and since then Hanneke has served as our boardroom advisor and my personal coach. Our company is a successful family business in the financial services industry. 

Hanneke is a great listener and a sharp observer, very attentive to both verbal and non-verbal communication. Her contribution to the dialogue and decision-making in the board is relevant and important. She has played a pivotal role in the very successful transition of our leadership to the next generation in 2019.

Hanneke identifies the essence of individual team members and facilitates the creation of a well-balanced, diverse, and top performing team which is crucial to succeed in these challenging times. She creates an atmosphere of trust and reflection, guiding in the right direction and empowering to set ambitious goals and excel. She is committed to our team’s success.

On a more personal note, through her coaching Hanneke has helped me tremendously in my personal growth and transition from CFO to a CEO; over the years she has been dedicated to my growth and development as a leader.